I'm a freelance artist and illustrator from the UK.

I graduated in 2012 from the University of Westminster, with a First Class honours degree in illustration. I really enjoy drawing and taking on new projects, so please get in touch if you think I could help with something.

I work primarily in pencil and mono print, with a nice mix of digital elements and colouring.

Statement :

I am a process artist who creates work through experimentation of media and techniques. In my work I like to show a curiosity not just about the concept being illustrated, but the process and journey that the work undertakes, and to me the development and sketchbook work is of paramount importance to the route and formation of the final work. Using mainly traditional methods I produce work that is informed with extensive research, to create decorative and intelligent illustrations. 

My work is full of carefully detailed drawings, juxtaposed with spontaneous processes such as Mono Print to create pieces that are both loose and restricted at the same time. I can apply my approach to a range of techniques and mediums, and various types of projects. 

I take a lot of inspiration from the natural world, I am particularly interested with our different views towards animals and the changes the world is currently going through.